Tarot Readings

To schedule a Tarot Reading email maryshocktarot@gmail.com


30 Minute Tarot Reading :: $40

A 30 minute reading can guide you, open up abundance in your life and create space for healing and love. You can prepare a question or area of  your life in which you need guidance or open up to messages from your highest self.

45 Minute Tarot Reading :: $60

Like a 30 minute but more in-depth. Ask more questions. Receive more guidance. Explore more pathways.

1 Hour Tarot Reading & Tarot Lesson :: $80

Receive a 30 minute Tarot Reading followed by a 30 minute Tarot lesson. Learn how to use Tarot for healing and inspiration in your life. This is a great option for anyone who has always wanted to try Tarot but doesn't know where to start. You will receive handouts to take home while you continue your practice.

Group Readings, Parties and Events

Email me for details about group readings and events.  

I am able to host small groups at my studio.


In-person readings take place at Metta Wellness. The address is 720 W 36th Street, Baltimore, MD, 21211.

You can enter my studio directly through the basement door in the front of the building.

Distance Readings

Readings are also available via phone, email, or video chat.


Venmo @mary-shock

Paypal paypal.me/MaryShock 

Cards accepted in person or over the phone

All readings are confidential. 

Please book readings at least 24 hours in advance. 

For same-day appointments please contact maryshocktarot@gmail.com

Reasons to get a Tarot Reading:

  • To enlighten your soul path

  • To support your passions

  • To stay grounded in the present

  • To prepare for the future

  • To explore your dreams 

  • To receive messages from your past lives, guardians and the universe.

  • And more! Tarot speaks to infinity.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon